Kernewek – Lesson Five

By admin | April 9, 2007
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Kernewek – Lesson Five

Rod: Hou Deborah, Fatell yw taklow?
Chris: Hi Deborah, How are things?

Deb: Da lowr – marnas an gewer!
Chris: All right – apart from the weather!

Rod: Yma glaw puptydh, dell hevel
Chris: There’s rain everyday, it seems.

Deb: Eus. Ple’ma an howl?
Chris: There is. Where’s the sun?

Rod: Kellys y’m brys vy!
Chris: Lost I reckon!

Deb: Wel, glaw yw gwell es yrgh.
Chris: Well, Rain is better than snow.

Rod: Henn yw gwir.
Chris: That’s true.

Deb: An dhargan a leveris y fydh gwynsek
Chris: The forecast said it will be windy.

Rod: Na lever henna!
Chris: Don’t say that!

Gerva / Vocabulary

An gewer – The weather
Glaw – Rain
Puptydh – Everyday
Dell hevel – It seems
Ple’ma? – Where is?
Howl – Sun
Kellys – Lost
Gwell – Better
Gwell es – Better than
Yrgh – Snow
Gwir – True
An dhargan – The forecast
Gwynek – Windy
Y fydh – It will be

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