Kernewek – Lesson Six

By admin | April 9, 2007
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Kernewek – Lesson Six

Rod: Dha semlant yw splann, ple feus ta?
Chris: You look great, where have you been?

Deb: Pow Frynk, rag ow dy’goelyow
Chris: France, for my holidays

Rod: Fatell wruss’ta mos?
Chris: How did you go?

Deb: My a nijas.
Chris: I flew.

Rod: My a garsa mos di
Chris: I would like to go there

Deb: Prag ny wre’ta?
Chris: Why don’t you?

Rod: Fowt a arghans!
Chris: Lack of money!

Deb: A ny wruss’ta kavoes dy’goel?
Chris: Haven’t you had a holiday?

Rod: Heb mar – unn jydh yn Porth Ia!
Chris: Of course, one day in St. Ives!

Gerva / Vocabulary

An gewer – The weather
Glaw – Rain
Puptydh – Everyday
Dell hevel – It seems
Ple’ma? – Where is?
Howl – Sun
Kellys – Lost
Gwell – Better
Gwell es – Better than
Yrgh – Snow
Gwir – True
An dhargan – The forecast
Gwynek – Windy
Y fydh – It will be

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