Kernewek – Lesson Two

By admin | April 9, 2007
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Kernewek – Lesson Two (realplayer required)

Rod: Myttin da Deborah!
Chris: Good morning Deborah!

Deb: Myttin da Rod!
Chris: Good morning Rod!

Rod: Ple’ma Margaret?
Chris: Where’s Margaret?

Deb: Y’n gegin, dell brederav
Chris: In the Kitchen, I think

Rod: Meur rasta
Chris: Thanks.

(Chris: Perhaps she is in another room)
Deb: Y’n Chambour
Chris: In the Bedroom

(Chris: Or even…….)
Deb: Y’n Stevel-dybri
Chris: In the Dining-room

(Chris: Of course, there are other places around the house)
Deb: Ple’ma an bara?
Chris: Where’s the bread?

Rod: Y’n Amari
Chris: In the cupboard

Deb: Ple’ma an amanynn?
Chris: Where’s the butter?

Rod: Y’n Yeyner
Chris: In the fridge.

Gerva / Vocabulary

Ple’ma? – Where is?
(An) Gegin – (The) Kitchen
Chambour – Bedroom
Stevel-dybri – Dining-room
Bara – Bread
Amari – Cupboard
Amanynn – Butter
Yeyner – Fridge
Daras – Door
Hel – Hall
Lowarth – Garden
Y’n – In the

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