Introduction to Kernewek – Cornish Langauge

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Basic Cornish Language (requires realplayer)

Introductory phrases:

‘Formal’ Greetings
Rod: Myttin da!
Chris: Good morning!
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Deb: Dydh da!
Chris: Good day!

Rod: Dohajydh da!
Chris: Good afternoon!

Deb: Gorthugher da!
Chris: Good evening!

‘Informal’ Greetings
Rod: Hou sos!
Chris: ‘Right boy!, ‘Right mate!

‘Formal’ Farewells
Deb: Nos da!
Chris: Good night!

Rod: Dyw genes
Chris: Good-bye (to one person)

Deb: Dyw genowgh
Chris: Good-bye (to more than one person)

‘Informal’ Farewell
Rod: Dha weles!
Chris: See you!

Introductory Chat
Deb: Fatla genes?
Chris: How are you?

Rod: Yn poynt da, (meur rasta)
Chris: Very well, (thankyou)

Deb: Ha ty?
Chris: And you?

Rod: Da lowr
Chris: Okay.

(Alternative reply)
Rod: Nyns oma mar dha
Chris: I’m not so good.

Gerva / Vocabulary

Myttin – Morning
Dydh – Day
Dohajydh – Afternoon
Gorthugher – Evening
Nos – Night
Da – Good
Ha – And
Ty – You (when speaking to one person)
Sos – Friend, ‘Mate’ (when addressing someone)

Great youtube kernow video!

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A little bit jumpy at the end – but still a proper job. :)

Cornish Genocide – what do you know of it?

By admin | January 1, 2007
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One of the most fascinating facts, I recently discovered about Cornwall was the ’1549 Prayer Book Rebellion”. Where it is claimed up to 20% of the Cornish population were decimated.

Having been raised and educated in Cornwall, it shocked me, as I had never heard anything about it previously.

Here is a link with a fair bit of information on it Just Cornwall, but also the Cornwall County Council web site does acknowledge the date here

Hello Kernow!

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Welcome to the cornish blog. Please register and lets start chatting. :)